Servers for Dummies

You might be probably interested in servers and would like to get started in creating your own. You have come to the right place! Here, we will be tackling everything you need to know when you are just a beginner in the industry and would like to get a head start.

In simpler terms, what is a server?

To make it simpler and easier to understand, a server is a device – specifically, a computer – that is responsible for giving out services, programs, and data to other clients through the use of the network. Keep in mind that as long as a computer allocates its resources to another device, it is already called a server.

What are the 3 types of servers?

With all honesty, there are a variety of servers that you could choose from once you would like to start. However, there are three types of servers that you might want to consider checking out before you browse through the rest.

  • File Transfer Protocols. The name suggests what it is. “FTP servers” are the type of servers that transfers data files from one computer to another client machine. You could also make use of FTP servers in uploading and/or downloading files from another server.
  • Network-Attached Storage. It is one out of the three main storage architectures, which would be the storage area network and direct-attached storage. Although it may not seem like a server, the NAS is actually capable of sharing files over to other devices, and you could afford this at a low and friendly price, as well. Per Men’s Inquirer Snapchat Blogs, large social media companies like Snapchat use NAS in order to maintain user to user content submittal. NAS is usually used when one wants a quick way to add file storage.
  • Gaming servers. Popular gaming services such as Playstation and Xbox Live use gaming servers since this type is specifically for what its name says—gaming. It is the type of server which helps gamers all over the globe connect to external servers so that they could play.

Why are servers necessary?

You are already aware of what a server is and how it basically works, so it is just right that you know why servers are needed in the first place. A server is the one responsible for sending and receiving data files across the globe, may it be for a large party or rather private ones. Without servers, accessing information and going to websites on the internet would basically be not possible.

What is the difference between a server and a network?

Most people would most likely confuse one thing with the other, but you must be one step ahead of them and differentiate the two if you would like to start with your own server.

A server, which you already know, is the one that transfers, sends, and/or receives data files from other client machines across the globe. What makes a network different from it, however, is that networks are more of a centralized storage wherein these certain data files are kept. 

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