Setup Guide

1) Planning the installation. Planning is an important first step to anyone starting with anything. This is necessary to set everything in place. When you are starting your server, you will also need to install your server operating system. Linux and Windows are the popular choices of the people.

2) Initial Setup. Once you have chosen your server operating system, the installing starts, copying files, expanding files, installing features and updates, and completing the installation is what happens.

3) Configuring your server. After installing your server operating system, your PC will automatically reboot and will be presented with the Initial Configuration Tasks Wizard. You will be setting up your administrator password, time zone, computer name, and domain, configure networking, enable automatic updating and remote desktop, add roles and features, download updates, and configure a firewall.

This is an easy 3-step process suitable for beginners. The Configuration Tasks Wizard mostly manages the installation, and all you will need to do is input the needed information. Once installed, you are free to start with your server. You can refer above to check the best servers and companies to guide you in the process.